Timed Laps on a ‘Reasonably Priced Bike’.

12:00 – 12.30:  Free riding on closed circuit & Sign up

We offer the road for free riding for the first half an hour so you, your wheels and the road can become one and swoosh freely.  Please do also use this time to sign up for the timed lap on a ‘reasonably priced bike’.  We will open the registration desk at 12pm so you can choose your time and get in the zone.   Start times will then be allocated at strategic times through out the day – we have added ‘rpb timed laps’ in blue throughout the timetable where we will be allotting time.  Book early to bag the best times.

12.30 – 13.15: ‘Reasonably Priced Bike’ (RPB) timed laps begin.  £1.50 on our ‘reasonably priced bike’ or £2.50 on your own bike F1 special.

What is this?  Well following on from the reasonably priced car – competitors can choose from one of The Bike Loft’s very own ‘reasonably priced bikes’ and enter a timed lap to compete in our leaderboard.  Who is fastest?  £1.50 per timed lap on the ‘reasonably priced bike’.  Or enter the F1 time trial leaderboard by entering on your own bike.  This will be £2.50 an entry – simply because F1 is always more costly.  All lap times are recorded by chips.Fete Du Velo timed laps on a reasonably priced bike