The Bike Loft is now officially open – thank you Alex Dowsett

the bike shop of hertfordshire

Simon Barnes owner of The Bike Loft with Alex Dowsett

The bike shop of Hertfordshire is now officially open – The Bike Loft of Redbourn.  We say The as an entity as we are supporting all local cycling shops that create a Hub for cyclists who wend their way around Britain’s roads.

Bike Shop Open

On the 28th November at 2.30pm The Bike Loft of Redbourn, St Albans was officially opened by the formidable Alex Dowsett.  There had of course been a ride out in the morning to test everyone’s steel and a pacy 40km was a great start to the celebrations later that afternoon.



Alex was also there to promote his new venture, Cyclism with James Millard.   Their company is a coaching and events company offering bespoke coaching and corporate events for all cyclists at what ever level.