Welcome to The Bike Loft’s New Bike Shop

The Bike Loft is a place for cyclists who have a love for bikes, accessories and banter.  We have a brand new store open on the High Street in Redbourn just a few doors from our current Bike Loft.

the bike loft bike shop

Our bikes are good – check them out.  Our accessories are based on what is good on the road – we know you can source them from big huge wiggley places but what we offer is that you can visit in store and we can advise you.  Just like the old times, person to person, talking in real time, fork handles or four candles stylee – the Banter is free and all part of the service.

The Bike Loft’s new shop has grown from a dedication to the cycling world.  The empire was born from the Hub Coffee and Bikes also on Redbourn High Street.  A cycling themed cafe which soon became a Hub for locals with wheels and without.  The Bike Loft was then opened to service the wheeled locals that bored those locals without wheels,  literally – see our service menu.

In addition we run events to help the community, charity and of course, cyclists.  The Fete Du Velo is in its 3rd year and grown exponentially in following and fun.

So please peruse the site but more importantly please visit the store – as the Mediameister I am charged with making this little virtual space look appealing – but for the real deal (in more ways than one) visit The Bike Loft’s new bike shop!!

The Bike Loft Redbourn

The Bike Loft has moved to No. 70 High St. Redbourn