Bike Service

Welcome to The Bike Loft Innovation Lab where the Loft Meister performs marvels on bikes of all types.   The Bike Service options are listed below and do not include parts.  We also offer collection and delivery by arrangement for a small charge.  This will obviously depend on location.


bike service

Bike Repairs

Please contact us for a quote.  We have  a minimum workshop charge of £12.00 and  we work on £40 per hour for labour charge.  Terms and conditions do apply:

  • Monday to Saturday £40 per hour

  • If you supply your own parts £50 per hour
  • If you watch £60 per hour
  • If you help £70 per hour
  • If you or your mate had a go first £80 per hour
  • If you or a mate had a go first and didn’t tell us £90 per hour

Or Buy a New Bike??

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